Tillett Martial Arts

Muay Thai/Kickboxing

One of the most complete and unique striking systems around, it is no wonder it has quickly become a favorite of martial artist around the world. Muay Thai utilizes punches, kicks, knees and elbows as well as stand up grappling range called Plum (Clinch) to overcome your opponent.

Filipino Martial Arts

A weapons-based system that has been utilized by military groups around the world. FMA is a complete system that trains with double and single stick, stick and dagger, Knife and empty hand tactics and helps develop awareness.

TMA Blend

This class is designed to teach students to defend themselves in a variety of ranges. Using techniques and tactics from Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Jun Fan JKD, Savate and Submission Grappling.

About Us

Here at Tillett Martial Arts our goal is to help students from any walk of life to reach their goals in the martial arts. Whether you motivated by self defense, fitness, competition or just a general fascination with the arts we provide a path for you to achieve what you set out to do. Having had the opportunity to train with and study under some of the best martial artists in the world our curriculum comes from a long line of instructors including Guro Andy Wilson, Kru Tammy Wilson, Guro Dan Inosanto, Guro Rick Faye, Ajarn Chai Sirisute, Ajarn Greg Nelson, Coach Erik Paulson, and Master Jon Escudero.

“In the Seattle area, we’re fortunate to have a vibrant martial arts community, with many excellent gyms led by many skilled practitioners.  Sifu Tillett is an example of this – well grounded in the theory and practice of many arts, whether you’re interested in Panantukan, Muay Thai, BJJ, western boxing, or Jeet Kune Do – he has you covered. But what makes Bryce stand out from the rest isn’t just his knowledge or skill, it’s that he’s also an excellent teacher. He can articulate the arts verbally as well as he can physically, and he meets his students where they are, in their learning process, and in their learning style. When you study with Bryce, he’s going to make sure you’re grounded in fundamentals, and that you’re staying safe, but his driving goal isn’t some esoteric doctrine – it’s helping you find your path, the path to where you want to go with the arts – whether it’s fitness, self defense, the ring, or wherever life takes you.”

~ Christopher Stewart